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Next Session Begins Spring 2024!


Healing Exchange Alabama is honored to present

The sacRED MOONtime Sessions. The sacRED MOONtime Sessions are a cluster of 4, 8, or 12 weekly sessions where we provide engaging educational and therapeutic discussions focusing on all things related to our sacRED MOOntime...aka our period...aka our menses...aka our menstruation. During our meetings, we will also highlight womb health and wellness while encouraging the participants to build a "sacRED relationship" with the care of their whole self! The sessions can be individual one-on-one, mother-and-daughter, or intimate small-group sessions. 

If you are a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, OR even a father, grandfather,  uncle, or brother who has a loved one who can benefit from these sessions, please share the flyer and information with them. It is time we "DEMYSTIFY THE MYSTERIES"!

***These sessions ARE LIVE AND VIRTUAL and can be accessed wherever there is a computer!***

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